SKK Stoxa 2019-08-25, Judge: Nina Karlsdotter, SE

Lovely family meeting in Stockholm with great results!

All three siblings gatered 😘
”Nubbe” C Rt Na Zdorovie BOB Puppy! 💙
”Bonnie” C Shampanskoye BOS Puppy ❤️
”Soya” C Ikra 2nd puppy bitch ❤️
Daddy ”Krutov” BOB and mummy ”Nastya” BOS
So the whole family took the slam! 😀

SRTK Russkiy Toy Club Show 2019-08-24, Judge: Per Svarstad, SE

”Nubbe” Cockerblues Rt Na Zdorovie held the flag at the breed specialty by beeing BIS-S Puppy! ⭐️ And also BIS-3 at the Mini Club! 🏆

DKK Bornholm Int. 2019-08-18

Third day in Denmark, but not as good as yesterday 😉
”Soya” BOB Puppy ❤️
”Krutov” CACIB BOS and ”Nastya” CACIB BOB
Only Excellent to ”Mischa” and 2nd best bitch to ”Alina”

DKK Bornholm Int. 2019-08-17

Woohoo! Great day for my gang in Denmark!
BOB Puppy ”Soya” Cockerblues Rt Ikra ❤️

BOS CACIB CAC ”Mischa” Smavva Verdes Xsander
BOB CACIB CAC ”Alina” Laskovaya Rus’ Sofia-Alina

BOS CACIB ”Krutov” Ch Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon
BOB CACIB ”Nastya” Ch Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes

DKK Bornholm 2019-08-16, Club Canis Minor

Today I just entered ”Soya” to BOB Puppy! ❤️
and ”Mischa” who gained junior CAC, CAC and BOB! 💙

NSKK Hässleholm 2019-08-3, Judge: Johan Öhrn, SE

Krutov & Nastya’s 7-month puppy ”Nubbe” Cockerblues Rt Na Zdorovie BOB Puppy! ❤️

”7 months masculine male, awake expression, beautiful well-chiseled head, correct bite, well placed beautiful eyes, well placed ears and well carried, very beautiful neck, nice topline, good chest depth, enough angles front and back, good movements with energy.”

SKK Tvååker 2019-07-13, Judge: Joakim Ohlsson, SE

Krutov & Nastya’s 6-month puppy ”Nubbe” Cockerblues Rt Na Zdorovie BOB Puppy! ❤️

”Very attractive with fine proportions. Large well-carried ears. Excellent proportions in nose and skull, could have slightly more arched skull. Dark fine eyes. Excellent neck and body. Balanced angles. Good legs and paws. Moves with excellent steps and demeanor.”

EDS Wels Austria 2019-06-16, Judge: Elena Kuleshova, RUS

An amazing day and two Austrian Winners richer! 🙂 Multi Champion & Multi Winner Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon ”Krutov” CAC, CACIB & BOB and Multi Champion & Multi Winner Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes ”Nastya” CAC, CACIB & BOS ❤️
The long haired ”Mischa” and ”Alina” also made very good and both came in 2nd place with Reserve Certificate.

EDS Wels Austria 2019-06-15, Judge: Hana Ahrens, A

An excellent day at European Dog show day one:
”Krutov” won champion class and ended up as ”Vice European Winner-19” with CAC and R-CACIB. ”Nastya” got exactly the same. 🙂
”Mischa” the kangaroo got a very nice 4th place in a big class and ”Alina” was a little star today and got placed as number 2 with R-CAC.

SKK Stockholm 2019-06-09, Judge: Igor Selimovic, Kroatia

Oh what a day!
”Mischa” CAC and BOB & ”Alina” CAC and BOS
”Nastya” BOB & ”Krutov” BOS

SBK Gothenburg 2019-06-02, Judge: Johan Sandström, SE

My little russkiy babies ”Soya” Cockerblues Rt Ikra and ”Nubbe” Cockerblues Rt Na Zdorovie 5 months old today, made a brilliant debut together and became BOS & BOB Baby! ❤️ ”Nubbe” even trotted so nice all the way to Group 1st and BIS-5!!! 🙂 Well done Annika!

Nubbe’s critic:
”Very appealing overall impression. Beautiful head and expression. Excellent ear-set. Excellent leg frame. Excellent angles all around. Short strong back. Excellent cross and tail. Excellent coat and skin. Very attractive male. Well shown!”

DKK IDS Roskilde 2019-05-13, Judge: Hans van den Berg, NL

”Krutov” and ”Nastya” reversal of roles: BOS & BOB and Crufts qualification! 🙂

DKK IDS Roskilde 2019-05-12, Judge: Janusz Opara

Today I had just entered ”Krutov” and ”Nastya” … it ended like BOB & BOS! 🙂

DKK Nordic Roskilde 2019-05-11, Judge: Marko Lepasaar, FI

Little ”Soya” 4 months made a brilliant debut and became BOB Baby! ❤️
”Alina” 2 best bitch with R-CAC & R-Nordic CAC.
Kangaroo ”Mischa” exc 3 junior class.
”Krutov” BOB with Nordic-CAC!
”Nastya” got a day off 🙂

Soya’s critic:
”4 months excellent type, correct proportions, beautiful head and expression, dark eyes, excellent topline, correct ribcage and angulation, enough temperament, needs more ringtraining, a bit close in hind, good luck for the future.”

SKK IDS Swedish Winner in Sundsvall, Sweden 2019-04-21,  Judge: Samuel Carlid & Nina Karlsdotter, SE

Longhair: ”Mischa” BOB Junior and Swedish Junior Winner 2019! ⭐️
Shorthair: ”Krutov” 2nd BD and ”Nastya” CACIB & BOS and Swedish Winner 2019! ⭐️

SDHK Russkiy Toy Special in Sundsvall, Sweden 2019-04-20 Judge: Elisabeth Spillman, SE

Longhair: ”Mischa” BOB Junior, his first CAC and BOB! ❤️ 
Shorthair: ”Krutov” BOB and ”Nastya” BOS! Woohoo!!!

SKK IDS Malmoe, Judge: Philomena Leonard, Ireland

Multi Champion & Multi Winner Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon ”Krutov” best male with another CACIB! His first born son ”Bruno” Jowel’s Chocolate Dream became show champion! ❤️ Big congrats to Johanna Jönsson and for BOB with lovely Star!

SKK IDS Gothenburg ”My Dog”, Judge: Rony Doedijns, NL

Happy happy!!! ❤️ 

Wow! He did it again – BOB with his crowning CACIB! ⭐️
Multi Champion & Multi Winner Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon ”Krutov” is now also an International Champion!!! ⭐️

”Mischa” Smavva Verdes Xsander BOB puppy with HP ❤️
”Alina” Lasovaya Rus’ Sofia-Alina 3rd Best bitch.

SKK Nordic Stockholm 2018-12-08, Judge: Dodo Sandahl, SE

He did a hattrick! ⭐️ Swedish Winner! ⭐️ for the third time, 2016, 2017 and today 2018 at Stockholm SKK! Guess who’s proud!!! ❤️ 

My Multichampion & Multiwinner (including World Winner 2018): ”Krutov” Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon today best male with Nordic CAC! Big congrats to Lisa Henze for BOB with beautiful Midi!

SKK IDS Växjö 2018-11-03, Judge: Eva Liljeqvist Borg, SE

Oooh happy days!!! ❤️
”Krutov” BOB with CACIB!
”Nastya” BOS with CACIB & CAC & Champion!!! ⭐️

Today my princess ”Nastya”  took her crowning CAC (first try after reaching two years of age) and became Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish Show ChampionThis will give her one more proud title: Scandinavian Show Champion!!! ⭐️ 
Nastya is now: KBHV JW-17 KBHV W-17 DK JW-17 NORDIC JW-17 NORDIC W-17 FI JW-17 FI W-17 SE JW-17 SE UCH NO UCH DK UCH FI UCH NORD UCH Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes

SDHK Russkiy Toy Special in Backamo 2018-08-26, Judge: Eva Nielsen, SE
Longhair: ”Mischa” BIS Baby! ”Alina” BOS with CAC & BIS-Junior! ❤️ 
Shorthair: ”Krutov” BOB & BISS!!! He did it again! Second year in a row! ❤️
”Nastya” BOS with CAC & BIS-Intermediate! ❤️

Mini Club:
”Mischa” BIS-2 Baby (4-6 month) ❤️
”Alina” BIS-2 Junior ❤️
”Nastya” BIS-2 Intermediate ❤️

Oh, I’m over the moon!!! So proud!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Benelux Winner Show & World Dog Show, Amsterdam, NL 2018-08-12 

”Krutov” NORD JW-16 SE JW-16 SE W-16 PORTO JW-17 SPLIT W-17 CPHN W-17 FI W-17 SE W-17 WW-18 SE UCH DK UCH FIN CH NORD UCH HR CH Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BEST DOG with CAC, CACIB and WORLD WINNER!!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

”Nastya” Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes Best Bitch-2 with R-CAC and R-CACIB!

SKK IDS Märsta 2018-08-05, Judge: Inge Ronander Brodal, NO

Laskovaya Rus’ Sofia-Alina BOB with CAC!

SKK Tvååker 2018-07-07, Judge: Marie Thorpe, Ireland

Laskovaya Rus’ Sofia-Alina BOB with CAC!

SKK Nordic Tvååker 2018-07-06, Judge:  Svein Erik Bjørnes, NO

Alina” Laskovaya Rus’ Sofia-Alina 9,5 months old BOB from junior class with CAC & Nordic CAC!
”Nastya” Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes BOB from intermediate class with CAC & Nordic CAC!

SKK Borås 2018-06-01, Judge: Kaisa Metteri-Gold, FI

”Alina” Laskovaya Rus’ Sofia Alina BOB with CAC just 9 months old at her very first official show! ❤️

SDHK Russkiy Toy Special in Maura, Norway 2018-06-23, Judge: Inna Begma, RU 

”Krutov” Ch Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOS with CAC and can now add Norwegian Champion to his titles! ⭐️

”Nastya” Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes BOS with CAC!

SKK Nordic Lidköping 2018-05-12, Judge: Johnny Andersson, SE

”Alina” Laskovaya Rus’ Sofia-Alina BOB Puppy with HP! ❤️
”Krutov” Ch Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOB with Nordic CAC!
”Nastya” Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes BOS with CAC and Nordic CAC!

SDHK Russkiy Toy Special in Lidköping 2018-05-12, Judge: Mikael Nilsson, SE

”Alina” Lasova Rus’ Sofia-Alina BOB Puppy! ❤️
”Krutov” Ch Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOB and ”Nastya” BOS with CAC!

DKK Roskilde 2018-05-11 Denmark, Judge: Leni Finne, Finland

”Nastya” Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes BOB with Danish CAC and Nordic CAC!

DKK Fredericia 2018-02-10 Denmark, Judge: Jussi Liimatainen, Finland 

”Krutov” Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOB with CAC & CACIB so he was crowned… Danish, Swedish, Finnish and together Nordic Show Champion!!! ⭐️ First time out after he turned 2 years old and ”mom” is a very happy bunny!

”My Dog” SKK Gothenburg IDS 2018-01-07, Judge: Karl-Erik Johansson, SE

My little ones both Crufts Qualified! ⭐️ 
”Krutov” Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOB with CAC and CACIB!
”Nastya” Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes Best Junior, BOS and CAC!

”My Dog” SKK Nordic Gothenburg 2018-01-06, Judge: Åsa Fröding Andersson, SE

”Krutov” Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOS with CAC and NORDIC CAC!
”Nastya” Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes Best Junior, BOB with CAC and NORDIC CAC!

DKK Copenhagen Winner Ballerup, Denmark 2018-09-23 

”Krutov” Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOS with CAC, CACIB and Copenhagen Winner 2017! ⭐️
”Nastya” Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes Best Junior, BOB with CAC, CACIB and Copenhagen Junior Winner 2017 & Copenhagen Winner 2017!!! ⭐️

SDHK Russkiy Toy Special in Stoxa Märsta 2018-08-26, Judge: Åke Cronander, SE

”Krutov” Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOB, BIS intermediate and BEST IN SHOW 3!!! ⭐️

SKK IDS Ronneby  2017-08-12, Judge: Eva Nielsen, SE

”Krutov” Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOB with his 10th CAC!
”Nastya” Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes first time out in Junior class BOS with her first CAC! ⭐️

Chroatian IDS Split Winner 2017-07-27 — 2017-07-31

”Nastya” Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes BOB puppy 4 days in a row! ❤️
”Krutov” Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOB with CAC 4 days and can now add one more title: Split Winner-17 ⭐️ He will also become (officially when he turns 2 years old) CH HR, Croatian Show Champion! ⭐️

2 x DKK Vejen 2017-07-22, Judge: Zvi Kupferberg, Israel

”Nastya” Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes BOB Puppy and Runner up BEST IN SHOW Puppy! ❤️
”Krutov” Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOB with CAC both days!

SKK Borås 2017-07-02, Judge: Åke Cronander, SE

”Nastya” Grande Misterio Anilla De Brilantes BOB Puppy!
”Krutov” Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOB with CAC!

2 x SKK Norrköping 2017-06-04 = Hat trick!

”Krutov” Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOB 2 days with CAC!

SKK IDS Swedish Winner Stockholm 2016-12-04 Judge: Birgit Seloy, Denmark

 ”Krutov” Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOS with CAC only 10 months old, Junior Winner 2016 and Swedish Winner 2016! ⭐️

DKK Middelfart Denmark 2016-11-27

”Krutov” Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon BOB with Junior CAC and CAC!
Jowels A Star Is Born BOS, breeder/owner: Johanna Jönsson

DKK IDS Herning Nordic Winner 2016-11-06

”Krutov” Krutyshka Olimpiyskiy Ogon 2nd Best Male with CAC and Nordic Juniorwinner! ⭐️